Pelleted seeds



Tecnosem is a section of Ramiro Arnedo S.A. created for the pelleting of seeds with state-of-the-art technology.

With this development the company has contributed to the evolution and progress in the horticultural field, giving the seeds physical characteristics in terms of a more regular shape, smoother surface and increased weight and volume.

In this way the seeds are adapted to the present precision sowing systems, direct sowings as well as plug sowing.



The first product brought to the market are the pellets marketed under the brand Iberpil:

It has the peculiar feature of absorb water and perfectly opening without disintegrating, to release the seedling, at which time the seed has an oxygen exchange with the external environment, to begin germination.

The mixture covering the seeds always contains fungicides that protect the seed and seedling from fungal diseases at the early stages of development.

Because of its hardness, the pellet does not break or release dust when handled, so it avoids obturation problems of the sowing machines. Smooth surface.