Quality and Traceability

Our Quality and Traceability department guarantees you healthy seeds and excellent germination

Using national and international rules, according to the country we are exporting to as well as to guarantee healthy seeds and excellent germination. Moreover, as we have all the health and genetics analyses within our control, we give you faster response times and are able to prevent contingencies.

All to make sure you can be confident in your sowing.

Quality controls

from the field to the


We carry out all the analyses, from the moment we produce the seed in the field until it leaves our warehouses. Our processes begin with the control of production in the field and continue after collecting and extracting the seed. We carry out further controls during disinfection, mechanical selection and separation of seeds by size. And we continue analysing during technological processes such as pelleting or coating. Finally, once the seed reaches the warehouse, we perform periodical controls on stock.

The registration of each area allows us to anticipate any setback and be agile in our management

We use internationally endorsed technological methods

We always seek to streamline times and processes to offer you the maximum guarantee and expedition.

Therefore, we use the technological methods proposed by international organizations for seed analysis. We use the PCR, ELISA, crop technology and other biological methods in plant health; the biotechnology laboratory uses molecular marker techniques; and for germination tests we use ISTA methods. We may also use accelerated ageing tests to ascertain the lifetime of the seed, and germination tests under nursery conditions to determine its behaviour under real conditions.

Thanks to these controls, we guarantee you secure, confident sowing.

We comply

with the Spanish and European regulations,

and with those of every

country in which

we market our products

To guarantee the quality and traceability of our seeds, we comply with Law 30/2006 of 26 July, on Seeds and Nursery Plants and on Phytogenetic Resources; with the Technical Regulation for the Control and Certification of Seeds of Fruit and Vegetable plants; and with the European Plant Health Regulation 2016/2031.

We also adhere to the organic seed regulations and to the different legislation of the countries where we market our products.

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