75 años


We enable more productive and more convenient sowing

After over 75 years working to obtain and market seeds, we have succeeded in increasing the profitability of the agricultural sector and offer greater security when sowing. Our varieties combine a high yield in kilos with easy handling and higher quality.

To this end, we research varieties for each area and type of cultivation, depending on the climate, cultivation conditions and cultural preferences. We are the leader in lettuce, industrial peppers, greenhouse peppers and non-hot padrón-type peppers.

Closer relationships

We stand out by offering cordiality, and work to sustain the family essence of the company founded by Ramiro Arnedo Eguizábal. Our research and improvement team searches for varieties adapted to each area, while the technical sales staff make personalised crop recommendations so that our producers achieve the best results.

Our involvement does not end with the sale of seeds. We do follow-up of the crop in the field and work on long-term relationships.

Generating wealth and value for the agri-food sector.

We always seek to create wealth and contribute value to the agri-food sector.

By researching higher quality, more productive and more resistant varieties which require fewer chemical products, so that our producers can use techniques which are more respectful to health and the environment,we increase the agricultural professionals’ profitability and provide better health, while seeking new experiences on the table for the end customers.

We are proud to create wealth and work in the areas we are placed, and to contribute to innovative varieties.

Promoting food and a healthy lifestyle

We want to promote healthy lifestyles and a healthy diet, which is why we support sport and talent in the region. We aim to motivate and inspire society and leave the best possible inheritance to future generations.

Our team, the heart of Ramiro Arnedo

Our team is crucial to the company. They are the ones who make it possible for us to remain true to our nature.

Our team is made up of a professional group in constant improvement, including technical, research, administration and plant improvement staff, and staff dedicated to cultivation. We all work together to maintain the warm and friendly family essence which has identified us from the beginning.

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