We research and develop vegetable varieties with higher quality and yield. And… more resistant to diseases. .

Our R&D department always seeks to improve profitability for farming and marketing professionals.

By combining natural organic methods with the latest technology, we research and develop more productive varieties resistant to a higher number of diseases, with great post-harvest endurance. And we enhance the physical properties of the fruit and vegetables to awaken the sensorial interest of those who consume them.

We have over 30 years of experience in research behind us.

We have 3 research centres in Spain

To carry out its research activity, Ramiro Arnedo has 3 research centres in Spain:



We have 200,000 m2 surface area to improve and test new varieties, of which 20,000 m2 are greenhouses.

We also have a phytopathology laboratory for the study of plant diseases, and phytotrons for cultivation under controlled climate conditions.

R&D Centre:

Almería :

We have 65,000 m2 of technicised greenhouses, 1,200 m2 of offices, an in vitro crop laboratory for agile development of plants under suitable light and temperature conditions, and a biotechnology laboratory equipped with cutting-edge technology to carry out fast, specific and sensitive diagnoses of the molecular techniques.

R&D Centre:

Murcia :

With 100,000 m2 dedicated to researching open-air crops, mainly leaf vegetables.

We also have an extensive network of tests throughout Spain and in other destination countries, through which our technical sales and improvement staff, in collaboration with clients and agricultural professionals, select the best varieties adapted to each cultivation zone and type.

Between 6 and 20 years’ research

to obtain a variety


It takes us between 6 and 20 years to create a variety, from beginning its research and development until it is ready for sale. The improvement process reflects the needs of agricultural and marketing professionals and preserving companies, who make their requirements known through our sales department. From that point on, we gather the genetic material, select, combine and carry out the pre-marketing tests of the best varieties.

The process is different for each species. For example, research into an onion may take 20 years, while the process for lettuce lasts only 6 years.

Over X research projects

We are working on X lines of research to introduce new forms of resistance to powdery mildew and nematodes, and the development of special products. For example, we are developing resistant padrón-type peppers, pepper varieties suited to the preserving and freezing industries, and varieties for mechanical harvest.

We also develop tomato varieties focused on more traditional types, introducing resistance and post-harvest endurance.

We work shoulder to shoulder with distribution and agricultural professionals, carrying out marking analyses, tests and forecasts to develop more productive varieties with great endurance, resistant to diseases. We travel to the site to provide varieties adapted to your country and region.

Our team, the heart of our innovative solutions

Ramiro Arnedo’s RDI team is made up of over 40 people devoted to research and specialised in various disciplines such as biotechnology, phytopathology and plant improvement.
Doctors, engineers, university graduates and technicians form part of this team.

Their capacity for collaboration and communication, their dynamism and openness define this multidisciplinary team who are the basis of our innovative solutions and the heart of Ramiro Arnedo.

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