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    The purpose of the Complaints Channel is to establish the necessary mechanisms to promptly report and manage any matter related to the scope, compliance and interpretation of the Code of Conduct, internal regulations and current legislation. This channel is available to employees and interest groups linked to Ramiro Arnedo (customers, suppliers, former employees, collaborators, etc.) and to society in general.

    Branches and Sales Delegates


    Central and sales delegates

    Arturo Pérez

    Phone: +34 941 131 250 ext.2622

    Almería Branch

    Emilia Martínez

    Phone: +34 950 587 991 ext. 4410

    Murcia Branch

    José Ramón López

    Phone: +34 968 259 468

    Sevilla Branch

    Maribel Moreno

    Phone: +34 954 675 030


    General Offices

    General Gallarza 38, apartado 21

    265000 Calahorra – La Rioja – España

    Robin Bartels

    Phone: +34 669005517