estrellaTomato - Indeterminated

Kikuyu F1
tomate indeterminado kikuyu

punto verde For greenhouse farming.

punto verde Vigorous, with a compact habit plant and short internodes. Easy setting.

punto verde Pear type fruit, oval-elongated shaped, good consistency and post-harvest preservation.

punto verde Weight: 140-170 g. Intense red color.

punto verde Semi-early cycle.

punto verde HR to ToMV, Fol (2) and V. IR to TYLCV and TSWV.

Trabuco F1
tomate indeterminado kikuyu

punto verde Vigorous plant with medium internodes.

punto verde Spherical slightly flattened fruits, very consistent, 290-340 grams, and a very

     good color.

punto verde HR to ToMV, Vd, Fol (0-1) and Pf: 1-5. IR tp TSWV, TLCV and N.

punto verde Indicated for greenhouse crop but suitable for open field crop and nethouse;

      depending on areas.