estrellaOnion Short Day Varieties

Amarilla Paja Virtudes
cebolla dia corto amarilla paja

punto verde Plant with good appearance and adequate stem.


punto verde Variety with a spherical flattened shape, yellow colour and average weight of 160-200 g.


punto verde Late cycle.


punto verde Good conservation.


cebolla dia corto babosa

punto verde Strong stem plant with excellent appearance and good neck for bunching.


punto verde Spherical-conical inverted bulb, golden skin, white yellowish flesh.


punto verde With greenish ribbing golden skin and sweet flavour.


punto verde Weight: varies between 200 and 450 g according to area and farming.


punto verde Semi-early cycle.


punto verde Short conservation onion that may be cultivated for fresh chives.


cebolla dia corto turmalina

punto verde Plant with good vigour.


punto verde Bulb with round shape and layer pinkish colour. Average fruit weight of 160-200 g.


punto verde Early cycle.


punto verde Up to 3 months of conservation. Appealing pinkish colour.