estrellaLettuce Romaine - Winter

lechuga romana invierno monterreal

punto verde Romaine type for fresh consumption as well as processing.

punto verde Dark green color.

punto verde Erect, consistent, blistered and crunchy leaves with a high head.

punto verde Good bevaviour to Twister and bolting.

punto verde HR to Bl (16, 19, 21, 23, 32). IR a Ss.



lechuga little gem garbo

punto verde Romain lettuce with a good size.

punto verde Dark leaves, blistered and with a crispy texture.

punto verde Compact lettuce with a straight upright heart.

punto verde For late autumn, Winter and early spring transplants in Murcia, Spain.

punto verde HR to Bl (18, 25, 30). IR to Ss.


lechuga romana invierno panticosa

punto verdeCos lettuce with closed heart and good size.

punto verdeDark green leaves erect, blistered, consistent and crunchy.

punto verdeAutumn-winter crops in Cartagena, Spain. It makes good size with

    low temperatures.

punto verdeHR to Bl (16, 19, 21 y 32). IR to Ss.