estrellaLettuce Batavia

lechuga batavia begoña

punto verde Yellow Batavia. Vigorous plant with an abundant exterior foliage and blistered surface.

punto verde Green-yellowish color.

punto verde Compact head.

punto verde For greenhouse crop in autumn-winter and in mild climates at the beginning of spring.
In the open air at the end of winter-spring.

punto verde HR to Bl (16, 19 and 21).

lechuga batavia estibaliz

punto verde Yellow Batavia.

punto verde Plant with semi-crunchy and slightly blistered leaves yellowish colour.

punto verde Compact head.

punto verde Autumn and spring farming. In fresh areas, summer farming is possible.


lechuga batavia estibaliz

punto verde Batavia type with light green and blistered leafs.

punto verde Uniform, compact bur vigorous plant.

punto verde For Winter and spring transplants.

punto verde HR: BI (16-28, 30-32), Nr0, TBSV and Fol1.


lechuga batavia Parrales

punto verde Open Batavia type, with a medium to dark green color.

punto verde Vigorous plant, with a good volume and weight.

punto verde For autumn, winter, spring and early summer.

punto verde HR to BI (16-28, 30-32), Nr (0), TBSV and Fol 1.