estrellaEggplant - Open Field

Alegria F1
berenjena invernadero alegria

punto verde Plant with medium vigour and short internodes.


punto verde Semi-long and very consistent fruits with a black and shiny colour.


punto verde Recommended for open field.

Calanda F1
berenjena aire libre paris f1

punto verde Plant with a medium vigor and very good setting.


punto verde Fruit with a rounded shape that stands out for its black and glossy color and firmness.


punto verde Recommended for open air crops.


punto verde Transplants from April to June.


Neyla F1

punto verde Plant with good vigor and leaf cover.


punto verde Fruits with an half long shape, uniform and a striped purple and

     white colour.


punto verde Productive variety with excellent fruit quality.

Yucatan F1
berenjena aire libre paris f1

punto verde Plant of medium vigor and very good fruit setting.


punto verde Long fruit, 21-26 cm long and 6-7 cm in diameter, cylindrical-conical-somewhat pear 



punto verde Bright black color and a very good consistency.


Tijuana F1

punto verde Variety perfectly adapted for open field.


punto verde Plants with a strong rootsystem and excelent leaf cover.


punto verde Fruits about 26 cm long and with a consistent diameter of about 6 cm and 

     with an intense black and shiny colour.

Brujula F1
berenjena aire libre Brujula

punto verde Recommended for open field.


punto verde Vigorous plant, with short internodes and medium size leaves, optimal for covering

      the fruits in the months of maximum light.


punto verde Semi-long shaped fruit, with an intense black shiny color, without

      thorns and very consistent.


punto verde High yielding plant, with good behavior under hot weather conditions.


punto verde The flower drops easily avoiding fruit markings.