estrella Eggplant - Greenhouse

Jarana F1
berenjena invernadero turquesa

punto verde Eggplant with oval mini fruits.


punto verde Semi-vigorous plant.


punto verde Uniform fruits with an average weight of 130 g. Attractive black and shiny colour.


punto verde Excellent post-harvest.

Jaspe F1
berenjena invernadero jaspe

punto verde Graffity type.


punto verde Vigorous plant with good setting.


punto verde Purpple and white striped shiny fruits. Very attractive.


punto verde Half long shape about 20-22 cm long.


punto verde Well adapted to greenhouse growing.


punto verde Highly productive.


Sade F1
berenjena invernadero turquesa

punto verde Early variety, with a vigorous plant and an open habit.


punto verde Semi-long fruit, large caliber, dark color, bright and with good consistency,

      very uniform. Calyx without thorns.


punto verde Very compact and heavy fruits with low seed content.


punto verde Very productive. Indicated for greenhouse production.


Tina F1
pimiento dulce italiano invernadero vinci

punto verde Vigorous plant with short internodes and medium size leaves.

punto verde Semi-long fruit, very consistent, intense shiny black and no thorns.

punto verdeFares quite well in the hottest months of the year.

punto verde Also maintaining production during winter months.

punto verdeFlowers fall easily, avoiding rotting problems.

punto verdeRecommended for early and mid-year sowing, and greenhouse

     farming in Spring.


Turquesa F1

punto verde Graffity type.


punto verde Vigorous plant with small leaves favouring ventilation.


punto verde Very shiny oval fruits with intense purple stripes.


 punto verde  Very consistent and tasty.
punto verde  Highly productive and no colour loss during the cold months.